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Uasentli.Info - PhotoShop Tutor | photoshop tutorials, fonts, photoshop tutorials, everything for design, download

Uasentli.Info - Tutorial in Photoshop

On this resource you will find interesting Photoshop lessons. They are devoted to creating stunning visual effects with the help of a popular graphical editor.

The site presents Photoshop lessons devoted to the problem of selecting a graphic image format and optimizing its properties for the further placement of images on the Internet. After reading the materials on this topic, you will find out which graphic is preferred for the GIF format and for which is JPEG. In addition, you will get an idea of ??the new parameters in the area of ??development graphics - PNG-images. Lessons contain text that will teach you several ways to maximize your image optimization, which will undoubtedly positively affect the time they are downloaded to the WEB without losing quality.

After reading the Photoshop tutorials presented on this site, you will learn how to create bullet marks on a metal, add sunglasses to the surface of the glasses, mirroring the surrounding area, change the color tones (color temperature) of the images, draw a different brilliant fantastic substance and substance, transform the image ordinary animals on the illustration of fairy creatures, create different animated weather conditions on a blank sheet of paper, and so on. This is far from a complete list of lessons available to you on this resource. .

The materials presented here are constructed in the form of a text explanation, which is supported by a large number of illustrations. Together, they effectively explain the technique of performing a visual stunt. The graphic is a kind of short content and allows you to quickly understand the basic idea of ??the lesson. The illustrations depicted in the text of each lesson depict various moments of work in the Adobe Photoshop graphic editor, located in places of text containing information about the same moments.

Under each of the illustrations is a text explanation that briefly gives you an idea of ??what's happening in the picture. Thus, the bundle "izobrazheniya + Explanation" though not replace the main text of the lesson, but will give a completely clear idea of ??the essence of the lesson.

As for the discussion of different topics, you can visit our forum http://niki.neskli.com

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